Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Running it off

2010/02/10 --- 11.0 miles in 1:44:40.30 on: road
(Pace: 9:30.9/mile)

Trying to anyway...
I got a late start and didn't get out there til noon. I really wanted to stay out there and dig into some of these fat reserves I still seem to have. I was actually 10 pounds lighter a year ago when I was running the way I wanted to. That was actually my high school weight and my friends all said I looked pretty bad and they were right. I don't want to look like a crackhead or something. I gained some back but, to tell you the truth, I hate the extra weight. Maybe I'll lose 5 and see if I feel better.
Anyway, it was cold and windy so, as usual, I wasn't gonna go, but, as usual, I did. I never regret a run I ran, but always regret one I didn't and it was killing me that I couldn't run last night. I thought my daughter was going to run with me, but she was too sore from the night before and I won't run here in the dark by myself. Too unpopulated.
I ran a different route today. 5 miles out was great, but hit the strong, steady winds as soon as I turned around so I decided to do the same and kept my pace strong and steady all the way back. Breathing is always a problem for me in wind. It fills up my lungs before I have a chance to inhale so I have to try and slow it down. I do love running in the wind though and that's why I run outdoors only. I need that resistance that you don't get on a treadmill and I love the challenge.
The only other complaint was my shoes. I've been rotating these Nimbus 11's with my 10's, but I had to retire the 10's last week since they have over 400 miles on them and not much tread. I loved my 10's and that was actually my second pair. The 11's came out last March and I never really liked them. They feel like lead on my feet, but I figured it's probably good for my legs every once in a while. This was the first run over 6 miles that I ran in them. I really need another pair, but the 12's aren't coming out til April and I have races to run this and next month so I've been researching, but can't decide on a comparable shoe. My ankles are very picky and I don't want to do any damage when I have runs coming up. Luckily, the store where I buy my shoes lets me road test my shoes for 30 days and if I don't like them, I can get a refund or exchange for another pair to test drive.
Off to get the kids....