Monday, February 8, 2010

Running with Chelsea

2010/02/08 --- 5.41 miles in :51:53.67 on: road
(Pace: 9:35.5/mile)

Things came up and I was resolved not to run tonight and was beating myself up all the way home about it. Then my 16 year-old called and asked if I was going to run because she wanted to run with me. Well that changed everything. I had been putting off running with her because, even though she runs varsity cross-country and track, she never ran more than 5 miles at a time and never more than a 3.25 miles without water. I didn't know about the water part until after the run.
We ate and then set out. (I usually run on an empty stomach so it bothered me during the whole run). I was just going to go a shorter route than my usual neighborhood route, but when we got to the shortcut, I asked her which route and she wanted the longer run, so I headed that way but did cut it down by a quarter mile.
This neighborhood route is scary for me in the daylight because of the gators, boars, bobcats and coyotes so I carry a little runners pepper spray, but it was 10 times scarier at night! No street lights or anything for 1 of the miles. Through narrow passageways near the preserve and right next to the water.
We did good though, but I thought I was holding her back. She went in and took a shower, got out and asked me if I was sore. I said "No, why are you?" She said "YES" everything hurts and is red all over. haha I asked her if she got tired on the run and she said "Yes! Do you know how many times I wanted to tell you to stop!" She had me fooled!!! I told her that is normal. My brain ALWAYS tells me to just don't. You have to turn off your head and let your heart carry you...and it always does. ♥