Monday, March 8, 2010

Recovery run?

2010/03/08 --- 6.82 miles in :59:46.40 on: road
(Pace: 8:45.9/mile)

I was just going to do a short, easy recovery run since I did the half yesterday, but I was feeling good and did the 6 mile route. I tried keeping it slow, but it didn't turn out that way. The new shoes, Nike Vomero's, felt really good too and I'm happy with them so far. I got back to the studio and realized I had another half hour so I hit the resume button on my Garmin and took off again, but the trip around the block only lasted 4 minutes so I just quit after that and figured I'd save it for tomorrow.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hooters to Hooters Half Marathon 2010

March 7, 2010

8:30 pace
8th out of 35 Age Group
186th overall

9:01 PACE
2nd out of 15 Age Group
269 overall

I was a little nervous about Chelsea doing this one with me. She has never run over 5 miles at one time but wanted to try it anyway. Not feeling to smart letting her do it either.
It was in the mid-30's when we got down there, but warmed up to the mid-40's by the time the race started. This was a much smaller race which I was looking forward to.
I broke a cardinal rule in running and that is to never do anything new before or during a race. First, I wore brand new shoes. I just couldn't run in those Saucony Triumphs anymore...too many odd and different pains every time I wore them. I tried them out for 100 miles and took them back to the store and exchanged them, knowing I would have to use new ones because I didn't want to wear my Asics either (hate last years Nimbus model but the new ones come out next week!!). I actually loved the shoes and didn't have a problem with them at all. The other thing I did which shouldn't have is used the GU Chomps. I've used GU gel before and it didn't always agree with me and people told me the chomps didn't upset their stomach the way the gel does so, I DON'T KNOW WHY, but decided to try them out, of all days, TODAY! My stomach was TORN UP the entire race and I couldn't get my mind off it. I guess I tried them because I was concerned with the fact that I don't drink anything on runs up to 18 miles. That's not good and wanted to give myself something.
I planned on trying to stay around 9 minute miles and wanted to beat 2 hours, so I kept looking at my Garmin and I stayed in the 8.5 minute miles for the whole race. I don't know how that happened. I never run that fast in any training runs. Maybe I should! It's funny how you can drop a whole minute/mile or more during a race. I've never even actually run full out. I never push myself too far past "comfortable" because I worry about pulling something, overheating, or overworking myself into some major problem. So I consider myself a recreational runner who isn't too concerned about times and I like it that way.
I did like this route through the Ft. Myers neighborhoods this morning and over the bridge. There were a couple rock bands set up and one was in a quiet little neighborhood and they were just BLARING at 7:30 in the morning. I'll bet the neighbors weren't happy. The bridge was a little steeper than I thought and I was worried about Chelsea, but I'm used to training on a steeper one all the time. There were quite a few people standing in their bathrobes that came out to clap and cheer us on. I tried to smile and wave at every one of them.
Chelsea took off again at the starting line and I kept her in view, but around the 3 mile mark, she had slowed down to me and was walking, I pointed at her and pointed forward and off she went again. I did not want her to stop and had told her to walk if she has to, just try not to give up. A few miles later she did the same thing but I had to just pass her and keep going and was so hoping she would continue. On my return over the bridge, I was so happy to see her coming down and we gave each other a smile and thumbs up. I was relieved!
I think it was a nice run for me. I did better than expected. I'm really proud of Chelsea and she can't wait until the next one. She also won a nice engraved beer (gatorade) mug for coming in 2nd place in her age group.

Gasparilla 2010

0:25:53 was my official chip time. 22 out of 642 in my age group and 986 out of 9647 people. 47 degrees
Chelsea got 0:24:06, 32nd in her age group and 579 out of 9647 people. She also won a Gasparilla mug with top 10% on it, but we didn't know she won anything and left, so one of her track team members picked it up and brought it home for her.

I haven't written in a while, but wanted to go back and mention the Gasparilla 5K that I ran with Chelsea. Her track team was there also.
It was freezing cold and drizzling when we got up there. I had my shorts on with pants that were two sizes to big over them and then just a tank top and my jacket. I didn't know what I was going to do once the race started, but Chelsea just stood out there with a pair of shorts on, tank top and a sweat jacket. We went to the starting line 45 minutes early and probably a good thing because it was packed. This was the highest registration they have had for the 5K yet, 9647 people for a 5K! There was a special section in the front for the elite runners and once they were in, the man called for people with yellow bibs. Chelsea told me we had yellow bibs and she was right!! I don't know how that happened and why we had them, but we went up with the elites. =) The National Anthem started and so did the RAIN! It had been just a drizzle, but when she started singing, it started pouring!
Gun sounded and off we went. Chelsea took off immediately which I was really happy about and me with my huge pants and shorts still on. I was dying of heat within the first t minutes, but left them on. The course was alright except those damn brick roads I keep having to run across in these 5K's lately and this time it was wet and slippery so I slowed way down. I'm so afraid of tweaking my ankles just right and not being able to run at all for weeks. Been there and it drives me crazy!
All in all, the race was good. I've decided that, as I have been my whole life, I'm a longer distance runner. The 5k's make me feel like I have to sprint the whole way and I can't sprint for nothing. The 5k's are over just when my muscles are getting warmed up and I get comfortable. They are probably good for me though so I'll keep doing them.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Running without scissors

2010/02/16 --- 15.15 miles in 2:29:15.74 on: road
(Pace: 9:53.1/mile
50 degrees

Tonight was just a normal run. I only intended to do 7 miles, but that turned to 12 and I still didn't feel like quitting so I ended up going to 15.15, but I probably shouldn't have since I have a race in a few days. I wore pants which I never do, but it's probably a good thing because my arms got pretty numb for a while.
I did try to stand taller and shorten my stride through the whole run since I just read an article about it. It seemed to work too since I really never got tired. The only real problem I had was my hands cramping.

For years I've run with just my ipod and, just recently, added a little runners hand pepper spray that velcros around my hands because of all the wild animals around here. So I've never had any form of identification for anyone to help me if something happens. I think I've backed off on many runs, afraid to push too hard and something bad happens. I never stop for water either which is probably not too smart. I also run alot at night now and have to run in the bike lanes since there aren't any sidewalks, and I know the cars can't see me until they are right up on me. There isn't even any reflective material on these new shoes like my old ones had. After reading a few horror stories, I went to Road ID and bought a velcro shoe tag, with all my info and a few inspiration quotes I added, and some reflective bands to wear. I think they are kinda dorky. =) I guess I'd rather be alive and a dork than dead and "cool." So now I can push things a little harder without worrying so much.

I also don't eat right so I decided, if I'm going to keep running and not eating, I better take some vitamins. I decided on the One A Days with the metabolism lifter. I took one and then read the reviews. Most people loved them, it made quite a few sick (which all vitamins make me sick on an empty stomach), and one lady thought it was giving her facial hair. So if you see a bearded lady getting sick along the road and covered in reflective material....that's probably me.

PS. I'm so happy to be a runner =)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Just an easy run

It's funny how you get out there some days and your arms, legs and breathing are just all in sync, like a machine. Then the very next day you get out there and everything is out of whack, like it was for me today. I have found though, that it can go away after a few miles and everything will fall into place most of the time. I can get out there and after 4 miles, feel a little sluggish, but if I ignore my brain telling me to stop, I can usually snap out of it or catch a great second wind, but that didn't happen for me today. It wasn't that bad, so I decided to just sit back and enjoy an easy run. I just think it's funny that on days like this, my brain is telling me a million negative things, telling me I'm too old, too slow and that I should just give up. But I know that tomorrow, I can go out there and feel like running a marathon. That's why I don't give up. I know tomorrow, in most cases, is going to be awesome!
Shoe update: I'm never usually sore, but those new shoes obviously worked some different areas than my other shoes did. My thighs and rear end are sorer than ever!!
We're off to dinner for Taylor's 13th Birthday! =)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Werkin' it out

2010/02/14 --- 6.04 miles in :54:07.47 on: road
(Pace: 8:57.7/mile 53 degrees

Anyway...that was why I needed to get out there today and run it out. I wasn't going to because it was a little chilly, 50 degrees..haha, and the house was so cozy. I thought it might do me some good, so off I went. All this emotion going on kinda took away the sheer JOY I get when I try out new running shoes. I LOVE new running shoes and I bought these new Saucony Pro Grid Triumph 7's last Thursday, but didn't get a chance to try them out til today. I've never used Saucony's before. After my 11 miles on Wednesday in those Nimbus 11's, I had some arch pain and still felt it a little today, so I planned on just doing 4 miles and trying out these shoes before I do more damage. I felt a twinge in the first few paces too, so I knew the 4 would be best, but took another couple steps, didn't feel it, so decided to do 6. Felt another twinge at the 1.5 mile mark, but still planned on doing the 6. I'm my body's worst enemy.
So these shoes are really for a heavier person and are one of the heaviest on the market right now as far as running shoes go, but they are so segmented that you just roll right through them and it feels great. I just needed something for these races coming up and coudn't wait for the Nimbus 12's to come out in April. Man I hope they are better than the 11's!!
The Saucony's seemed to work with me well. Not even any toe pain which I usually get with my other shoes, hence the reason I where two pairs of socks. I'm a road clencher and curl my toes under which gives me the pain...not with these today though. Maybe the Asics were the reason I curled them under. We shall see.
I got home and HOLY CRAP!! My time was better than my old average every day runs!! It could have been because of the shoes or the people or both. If it's the people, keep bringing it cuz it just feeds the fire and makes me stronger and more determined.
Now I get to relax, eat my two boxes of Valentines Day chocolate and watch the Olympics. =)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Running it off

2010/02/10 --- 11.0 miles in 1:44:40.30 on: road
(Pace: 9:30.9/mile)

Trying to anyway...
I got a late start and didn't get out there til noon. I really wanted to stay out there and dig into some of these fat reserves I still seem to have. I was actually 10 pounds lighter a year ago when I was running the way I wanted to. That was actually my high school weight and my friends all said I looked pretty bad and they were right. I don't want to look like a crackhead or something. I gained some back but, to tell you the truth, I hate the extra weight. Maybe I'll lose 5 and see if I feel better.
Anyway, it was cold and windy so, as usual, I wasn't gonna go, but, as usual, I did. I never regret a run I ran, but always regret one I didn't and it was killing me that I couldn't run last night. I thought my daughter was going to run with me, but she was too sore from the night before and I won't run here in the dark by myself. Too unpopulated.
I ran a different route today. 5 miles out was great, but hit the strong, steady winds as soon as I turned around so I decided to do the same and kept my pace strong and steady all the way back. Breathing is always a problem for me in wind. It fills up my lungs before I have a chance to inhale so I have to try and slow it down. I do love running in the wind though and that's why I run outdoors only. I need that resistance that you don't get on a treadmill and I love the challenge.
The only other complaint was my shoes. I've been rotating these Nimbus 11's with my 10's, but I had to retire the 10's last week since they have over 400 miles on them and not much tread. I loved my 10's and that was actually my second pair. The 11's came out last March and I never really liked them. They feel like lead on my feet, but I figured it's probably good for my legs every once in a while. This was the first run over 6 miles that I ran in them. I really need another pair, but the 12's aren't coming out til April and I have races to run this and next month so I've been researching, but can't decide on a comparable shoe. My ankles are very picky and I don't want to do any damage when I have runs coming up. Luckily, the store where I buy my shoes lets me road test my shoes for 30 days and if I don't like them, I can get a refund or exchange for another pair to test drive.
Off to get the kids....