Sunday, February 14, 2010

Werkin' it out

2010/02/14 --- 6.04 miles in :54:07.47 on: road
(Pace: 8:57.7/mile 53 degrees

Anyway...that was why I needed to get out there today and run it out. I wasn't going to because it was a little chilly, 50 degrees..haha, and the house was so cozy. I thought it might do me some good, so off I went. All this emotion going on kinda took away the sheer JOY I get when I try out new running shoes. I LOVE new running shoes and I bought these new Saucony Pro Grid Triumph 7's last Thursday, but didn't get a chance to try them out til today. I've never used Saucony's before. After my 11 miles on Wednesday in those Nimbus 11's, I had some arch pain and still felt it a little today, so I planned on just doing 4 miles and trying out these shoes before I do more damage. I felt a twinge in the first few paces too, so I knew the 4 would be best, but took another couple steps, didn't feel it, so decided to do 6. Felt another twinge at the 1.5 mile mark, but still planned on doing the 6. I'm my body's worst enemy.
So these shoes are really for a heavier person and are one of the heaviest on the market right now as far as running shoes go, but they are so segmented that you just roll right through them and it feels great. I just needed something for these races coming up and coudn't wait for the Nimbus 12's to come out in April. Man I hope they are better than the 11's!!
The Saucony's seemed to work with me well. Not even any toe pain which I usually get with my other shoes, hence the reason I where two pairs of socks. I'm a road clencher and curl my toes under which gives me the pain...not with these today though. Maybe the Asics were the reason I curled them under. We shall see.
I got home and HOLY CRAP!! My time was better than my old average every day runs!! It could have been because of the shoes or the people or both. If it's the people, keep bringing it cuz it just feeds the fire and makes me stronger and more determined.
Now I get to relax, eat my two boxes of Valentines Day chocolate and watch the Olympics. =)