Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Running without scissors

2010/02/16 --- 15.15 miles in 2:29:15.74 on: road
(Pace: 9:53.1/mile
50 degrees

Tonight was just a normal run. I only intended to do 7 miles, but that turned to 12 and I still didn't feel like quitting so I ended up going to 15.15, but I probably shouldn't have since I have a race in a few days. I wore pants which I never do, but it's probably a good thing because my arms got pretty numb for a while.
I did try to stand taller and shorten my stride through the whole run since I just read an article about it. It seemed to work too since I really never got tired. The only real problem I had was my hands cramping.

For years I've run with just my ipod and, just recently, added a little runners hand pepper spray that velcros around my hands because of all the wild animals around here. So I've never had any form of identification for anyone to help me if something happens. I think I've backed off on many runs, afraid to push too hard and something bad happens. I never stop for water either which is probably not too smart. I also run alot at night now and have to run in the bike lanes since there aren't any sidewalks, and I know the cars can't see me until they are right up on me. There isn't even any reflective material on these new shoes like my old ones had. After reading a few horror stories, I went to Road ID and bought a velcro shoe tag, with all my info and a few inspiration quotes I added, and some reflective bands to wear. I think they are kinda dorky. =) I guess I'd rather be alive and a dork than dead and "cool." So now I can push things a little harder without worrying so much.

I also don't eat right so I decided, if I'm going to keep running and not eating, I better take some vitamins. I decided on the One A Days with the metabolism lifter. I took one and then read the reviews. Most people loved them, it made quite a few sick (which all vitamins make me sick on an empty stomach), and one lady thought it was giving her facial hair. So if you see a bearded lady getting sick along the road and covered in reflective material....that's probably me.

PS. I'm so happy to be a runner =)